About the Organization


Kids on the Move for Success, Inc. was founded on September 1, 2013 by Antoinette Tuff. After she prevented the school tragedy at the R. E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy and saved over 870 lives, Antoinette felt the need to help underserved children all over the world see a new beginning and to know they too can push pass their life circumstances and be prepared for a purpose in life.

Kids on the Move for Success, Inc. was formed after our founder, Antoinette Tuff, was able to prevent tragedy in a school under siege, when over 870 innocent children waited in fear as their elementary school rushed into lockdown mode because a gunman with an AK47 was in the building.  We have since filed and received our 501(c)3 status from the IRS.


Our non-profit organization has awarded over 20 educational scholarships to students of all ages, both nationally and internationally.   Kids on the Move for Success strives to provide underserved children the educational opportunities to see the world through a new set of eyes. We belief “If you can help them to develop a vision, you can change their lives!” Many of these students are realizing their educational goals and attending college.  We have made a special effort to support students from the students, teachers and parents most affected by the tragedy that led to our formation.  The following are just a few educational scholarships offered by Kids on the Move for Success:

We are continually moving forward to make a different by helping develop and inspire children for the next generation.  We here at Kids on the Move for Success invite mentors and mentee to be a part of our organization has we take the next generation into the future!


Kids on the Move for Success has launched its new mentoring program called the Discovery sTEAM (DS) Mentoring Program.  The mission of Discovery sTEAM Mentoring Program is to empower underserved youth from 3rd to 8th grade in at risk communities by fostering positive, onsite one-on-one mentoring relationships with students and professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (sTEAM) fields. The mentors will serve as role models, increase interest, and bring awareness to the sTEAM fields and develop leadership skills. This will be accomplished by developing effective strategies that promote engaging, and informative individual and group sTEAM activities.

Our mentors will help connect the students to opportunities in the sTEAM fields by exposing them to their own experiences and opportunities in these fields. The mentors will build self-esteem by motivating the students to strive for academic excellence and opportunities outside of their community both nationally and internationally.  This will allow the students to develop a network of students and professionals all over the world for business and personal opportunities in the future.  We will also engage mentors, mentees and parents to build positive attitudes towards learning and problem solving at school, home, and in the community.

Our mentor and mentee teams meet three to four hours per month and attend quarterly group events, including one-on-one activities together as well as group session activities.   Some activities are sTEAM-related, while others build self-esteem, leadership skills, relationships and trust between mentees and mentors, or engage youth in community projects. Each mentor and mentee must commit to participate in the program for one year with the opportunity to continue for a second year or until the student graduates from the 8th grade. Additionally, mentors, mentees and parents must commit to attending our training and orientation sessions.  To apply as a mentor for the Discovery sTEAM Mentoring Program please call (470) 222-3410 or apply at MENTOR.