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Antoinette Tuff



A Message From Antoinette Tuff

I am an individual who is passionate about helping the youth of today become successful! I joined Kids on the Move for Success because I want to be at the forefront of the struggle in providing underprivileged children great opportunities. It is my personal goal to help lead our children to a bright and more promising feature.

I have had to overcome various obstacles throughout the course of my life, so I know firsthand how difficult it is to succeed when your life circumstances cause you to be at a disadvantage from your peers. I have allied with various organizations to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. I held several positions in statewide organizations

Working with Kids on the Move for Success provides a platform to help me achieve that goal. Together we can work to change the lives of our youth, one child at a time!


Resume Information

My education, background, work experience and qualifications include:

  • President, Performing Arts Division of National Federation of the Blind of Georgia
  • Vice President, Louisiana Association of Blind Students
  • Board Member, Georgia Association of Blind Student

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