About Us

Kids on the Move for Success is proud to allow our next generation to have a voice in making changes in their schools and communities.

Our Mission

Kids on the Move for Success mission is….
Believes that there are many issues that contribute to the success of children. For children to succeed, they must feel safe, must be transported to a world beyond their everyday life, learn that STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) fields are available to all (African American and girls) and that giving back to the community is important in learning acceptance and developing leadership skills.

Kids on the Move for Success believes compassion, confidence and control are foundational elements in the success of children now and in the future. Our programs are designed to be mobile and dynamic allowing us to impact communities at the local, state and national level.

Our Vision

Broadening visions by transporting them beyond their everyday life and giving children a voice allows them to succeed now and in the future.

Our Team

Kids on the Move for Success team has a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets, but we share a common goal to change the next generation.  We work hard in accomplishing our mission – by being able to show our students “LovingTuff” tools are the best reward of it all.

Sponsors and Partners

Our History

Kids on the Move for Success, Inc. was founded on September 1, 2013 by Antoinette Tuff. The organization was developed to help underserved children all over the world see a new beginning and to know they too can push pass their life circumstances and be prepared for a purpose in life. Antoinette is taking her experience back into the school district where the gunman held her hostage and launch her own Discovery sTEAM Mentoring Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Discovery sTEAM Mentoring Program?

Our mentors come from various businesses in Georgia and Texas.  They are mentors in the STEM fields and some are every day people.  Just like YOU.  If you have a love for children and want to make a difference in the next generation than we need YOU.

What are the requirements to be a mentor?

In order to apply to be a mentor, you must be over the age of 21 unless you are in our Youth Trailblazer Program, be willing to commit to at least one year and meet with your mentee once a week during lunch or after school.  All mentors are ask to:

  • consent to a criminal background check from DeKalb County School district
  • no transporting students off school campus

When are meeting opportunities?

We ask that you meet with your mentees once a week for 30 minutes or 1 hour during lunch or after school.  Please try to keep a consistent schedule with your weekly meetings so the mentee can have consistence in their lives.

Besides volunteering, how can I help?

Head to our Donate and Events pages and read about ways you can financially support Kids on the Move for Success – our mission, our townhalls and our kids.

How can I learn more?

Kids on the Move for Success are active on social media!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn @kotmfs, @communitystudentsafeyconversations and @antoinettetuff.  To sign up for our newsletter and upcoming events please visit Mailing List or Subscribe.