What We’re Doing

Student Safety

The leadership of Kids on the Move for Success believes that in order for a student to succeed, they must feel safe at school and in their community. Antoinette Tuff, a survivor, speaker, author and student safety expert, is the founder and CEO of Kids on the Move for Success.

Antoinette and her team have developed a vision of giving students a voice in their safety; and will teach the skills that she used when she convinced a troubled young man with an AK-47 to give her his gun and peacefully surrender to police without inflicting injuries or death.

Antoinette Tuff – Student Safety Expert

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, Antoinette Tuff, the CEO and Founder of Kids on the Move for Success, became a recognized expert and community leader for student safety.

Not only is Antoinette asked for her viewpoints as an accidental hostage negotiator in an active shooter situation, but she is asked to speaks at Community Safety Conferences and at schools across the country.

Town Halls

Student are an important part of student safety and their voices need to be heard. In a Town Hall format, Kids on the Move for Success brings together school leaderships, law enforcement, business leaders and other community organizations to collaborate with students to find real solutions. Town Halls include both student and adult panels, as well as smaller break-out sessions.

“Town Halls allow students to not only voice their concerns but to suggest real solutions,” said William Smith, Director of Exchange Park Recreation Center. “We had community leaderships and law enforcement at the Town Hall to listen and implement change. The Town Hall is only the beginning of the conversation to make it safer for students,” he added.

Non-Violent School Safety

Antoinette believes that compassion, confidence and control are the best options when dealing with student safety.  This includes the prevention of bullying, suicide and deescalating an active shooter situation.

Kids on the Move for Success is raising funds to equip a bus as a mobile classroom to teach compassion, confidence and control to students, teachers, support staff, administration and the community at large.

Field Trips

Kids on the Move for Success believes that children must be exposed and transported to events that broaden their view of the world. These experiences include access to scholarships at all age levels, mentoring programs and educational field trips. We believe that all children should be encouraged to pursue a career that utilizes science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Kids on the Move for Success provides transportation and admission to a wide variety of events that range from fine arts to educational workshops. Field trips can include STEM workshops, theatrical performances, week long space camp and an overnight trip to a zoo or aquarium.


Kids on the Move for Success awards educational scholarships to students of all ages from pre-kindergarten to graduate school, both nationally and internationally. Our scholarships have been used at leading universities such as Morehouse College, Pennsylvania State University, Georgia State University, Tuskegee University, Sam Houston State University and many more universities across the county.

Many of these scholarships come in the form of a 529 college savings plan.

Mentoring Program

The Kids on the Move for Success provide mentoring programs for a wide variety of age levels in elementary, middle school and high school. These mentoring programs include structured programs to promote STEAM education, financial responsibility and leadership. Parent or guardian participation and support is a mandatory requirement for a child to participate in the programs. Parents and guardians must participate in training and quarterly meetings.

Kids on the Move for Success partners with universities, associations, community groups and mentoring organizations to locate mentors that are leaders and successful professionals who have the passion to change a child’s life. Additionally, we provide leadership opportunities for older students to mentor younger students.

Community Outreach

“Giving back to the community is an important part of the mission of Kids on the Move for Success,” said Antoinette Tuff. “We believe that community service by students is important in teaching leadership, compassion and empathy. Even though 100% of the students might receive free lunch, they need to learn that there is always someone who has less or is suffering more,” she added.

Joy in the Morning

Hospital stays can be stressful due to the uncertainty and physical pain. Kids on the Move for Success and schools come together to provide a morning full of joy to hospital patients. New toys and books have been donated to patients and to the hospital library. Antoinette Tuff and other volunteers deliver gift bags, flowers and lunches to the patient rooms.

Knowledge is Powerful in Literacy Program

Kids on the Move for Success realizes the importance of reading and vocabulary in the STEAM curriculum. Many seniors, community leaders and local business owners have the time and interest to work with young students to improve their reading skills. We have created a program that matches a student with a senior in elementary schools.