Movers & Shakers Corner

Join our Movers & Shakers Corner today and invest in our next generation with your commitment to youth in Georgia and Texas.

The Power of Commitment

Kids on the Move for Success, believes that building relationships are a powerful opportunity for creating a change in our communities and schools.  We need YOU to help us with your huge commitment to our programs, volunteering countless hour to our children in low income communities.  We would love your commitment of 12-month to change the next generation.

Your Commitment

Our new program, the Movers & Shakers Corner, asks donors to honor our volunteers and children by making an ongoing monthly gift in support of our programs. It’s easy, flexible and convenient, and you can change or cancel your donation at any time. By not having to send additional mailings, the Movers & Shakers Corner, also saves KOTMFS money that can be used for our programs.

How Does the Movers & Shakers Corner Work?

You may be able to make a larger gift to KOTMFS than you originally thought possible since you will divide your gift into 12 monthly installments.

A monthly contribution is charged to your credit or debit card each month. Charges will appear on your monthly statement. Each January, you will receive a summary of your previous year gifts for tax purposes. You can decide on the size of the gift you want to make, and you can change or stop that gift at any time.

What do you receive as a Movers & Shakers Corner member?

  • A monthly email newsletter just for the Movers & Shakers Corner, sharing the impact of your gift.
  • You and a guest are invited to our events, where you can meet agency leadership and program participants and network with other Movers & Shakers.
  • Basic

  • $ 25 Per Month ($300 per year)
  • Provides educational workshops for 30 children.
  • Standard

  • $ 75 Per Month ($900 per year)
  • Funds a Student Safety forum, Rally or Town Hall.
  • Advanced

  • $ 150 Per Month ($1,800 per year)
  • Provides a laptop computer that will be used in a school or mobile classroom.
  • Premium

  • $ 500 Per Month ($6,000 per year)
  • Allows mentees to go to overnight space camp out of state.