Program Overview

Knowledge is Powerful in Literacy is a four day, After School Program offering Academic Literacy: Monday – Wednesday; Financial Literacy: Wednesday; and STEAM: Thursday.

Based on the pilot program, we discovered that students would be better served with a literacy program that focused on building vocabulary. Stronger vocabulary understanding is directly related to higher reading scores. Vocabulary is responsible for 70% of reading comprehension problems in elementary schools. Additionally, writing connected to text and writing connected to self will be incorporated into the curriculum.

In addition to Academic Literacy, students will participate in Financial Literacy activities once a week through standardized curriculum and/or community partnerships. STEAM activities end the weekly programming. Students will engage in presentations from staff or community organizations in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Weekly Schedule


  • Daily Check In Chat
  • Reading Circle
  • Vocabulary Review
  • ELA Worksheets
  • Debrief and Sharing


  • Daily Check In Chat
  • Interactive Math Game (Warm-Up)
  • Math Concepts
  • Math Lesson review worksheets
  • Debrief and Sharing


  • Daily Check In Chat
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Financial Literacy Activity
  • Debrief and Sharing


  • Daily Check In Chat
  • or Kahoot review via online
  • STEAM Activity
  • Debrief and Sharing

Academic Goals

  • Ability to read at grade level and better grades
  • Increased academic performance and self-esteem
  • Increase reading and math scores
  • Increase knowledge in Financial Literacy
  • Help students develop a deeper understanding of vocabulary
  • Exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities

Program Evaluations

  • Daily attendance records
  • Vocabulary quizzes
  • Writing Samples
  • At least 25% of the total student population of the program will increase English Language Arts scores on the Georgia Milestones Assessment System
  • Parent Opinion Survey
  • Student/Staff Opinion Surveys