Kids on the Move for Success Mission Statement

Kids on the Move for Success believes that there are many issues that contribute to the success of children. For children to succeed:

  • They must feel safe, must be transported to a world beyond their everyday life
  • Learn that STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) fields are available to all (minorities and girls)
  • Giving back to the community is important in learning acceptance and developing leadership skills.
  • Students much succeed in academic performance through learning how to read on their grade level.

Kids on the Move for Success believes compassion, confidence, and control are foundational elements in the success of children now and in the future. Our programs are designed to be mobile and dynamic allowing us to impact communities at the local, state and national level.

Antoinette Tuff, a hero, speaker, and school safety expert is the founder and CEO of Kids on the Move on the Move for Success. Ms. Tuff used her experiences with challenging life issues to successfully convince an armed gunman who entered the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy to give her his AK-47 on August 20, 2013. This is the only school active shooter situation in the US that ended without death or injury to school students, faculty, parents or shooter himself.

Program Overview

  • The Knowledge is Powerful in Literacy Program partners academic buddies with students to provide traditional one-on-one mentoring and to improve reading skills.
  • Many activities are designed to bring the student up to grade level in their reading skills, build self-esteem, leadership skills and develop relationships and trust between students and their mentor.
  • Academic Buddies will be matched with student mentees from 1st through 5th grade in low performing schools, matches last an academic year, meet once per week during the student’s class time or after school hours to read, help with academic challenges and attend quarterly group events.
  • The Literacy Program curriculum and/or assignments will be provided.

Academic Goals

  • Ability to read at grade level and better grades
  • Increased academic performance and self-esteem
  • Help students develop a deeper understanding of vocabulary
  • Exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities


  • Enjoys working with elementary school children
  • Patience to work with children who have academic and/or behavior challenges
  • Attend orientation and training sessions
  • Background check required by the school district